L F Engineering, PLLC
Civil and Structural
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  • Structural design for
    new facilities

  • Rehabilitation of
    existing structures

  • Retrofit existing

  • Building Additions

  • Bridges

  • Civil / Site Planning
L F Engineering, PLLC
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L F Engineering is committed to providing quality, dependable
and professional engineering services to our clients.

L F Engineering is capable of providing a wide range of
engineering services to meet your project goals.
Engineering Services:

  • Complete structural design and analysis
             -From Conceptual Design to Contract Documents

  • Analysis and evaluation of existing structures for rehabilitation or
            -Repair and upgrade existing structures to meet new project goals

  • Civil / Site design and planning
            -Site development
            -Utility access and coordination

  • Special foundation and underpinning design

  • Code analysis and review

  • Transportation Engineering
            -Bridge and highway design

  • Construction administration and evaluation
Quality.  Dependable.  Professional.