L F Engineering, PLLC
Civil and Structural
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  • Structural design for
    new facilities

  • Rehabilitation of
    existing structures

  • Retrofit existing

  • Building Additions

  • Bridges

  • Civil / Site Planning
Founded in 1996 by Lee Fang, P.E., L F Engineering provides a
wide range of engineering consulting services in building, civil and
transportation industries.

Through years of practice, our engineers and scientists are
experienced in a large variety of projects and routinely advance their
knowledge of new materials, technology, codes and design methods.
L F Engineering is dedicated to utilizing our engineers' experience
and knowledge to provide the highest quality service to our clients
with the most innovative and cost effective solutions.

To meet the needs of our clients’ projects, our engineers are not only
knowledgeable in engineering fundamentals, but also creative in
providing the best engineering design to make all project and
architectural features possible.  L F Engineering uses state of the art
computer software in engineering analysis and design.  We are
equipped with the latest software to allow for successful Building
Information Management (BIM) between our design teams, clients
and contractors.

L F Engineering is committed to providing quality engineering
services to our clients.  Our design engineers prepare and review all
construction drawings, and as part of our quality control, the same
engineers review all shop drawings and other submissions during the
construction phase.

Each project L F Engineering is involved with receives the full
attention and consideration necessary to provide quality, dependable
results to our clients.  L F Engineering values the reputation of
delivering excellent designs on schedule, within budget and with total
quality control throughout the entire design and construction process.

L F Engineering, PLLC is certified DBE and MBE.
Quality.  Dependable.  Professional.
L F Engineering, PLLC
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